Tuesday, March 26, 2013

If I Had A Million Dollars: The Organizing Edition

Um ya. My family lives on an income of peanuts and pennies. The likelihood of us using these products are slim to none. But if I ever win that Facebook shared lottery ticket, these products make it to my short list!

Becky Higgins - Project Life

First of all, this website is very impressive. It sells the product as a 'way of life'. It's like scrapbooking but takes less time and creativity. All the lovely inserts come with the Project Life package and you just have to write a few cute things and add some photos. Life..for lazy people. Brilliant idea. I sort of hate Becky for not letting me think of this first.

The beautiful basic items       

One of the lovely core packs.

Apothecary Jars to Organize the Pantry

I'm pretty sure the cheapest price I saw on these jars (because they are beautiful and I love them and want to use them to store my - everything!) was $80/piece. Wha? How many are in this pantry? One...two...three...that's a lot of pennies to save up!

Wait a minute - This is all candy!

A Craft Room

What creatively crafty woman doesn't dream about a craft room. The sign on my craft room door would read "No Kids Allowed! Beat it!"

It's a nice dream to have

An Entryway Bench/Organizer

Seriously beautiful way to organize. I have about two feet of spare space in my entryway but this is totally plausible. Only problem, is that you have to keep it orgainzed. So while it helps keep you organized, you -meaning I - still have to hide all those pesky grocery bags, junk mail, and pizza boxes.

Everything has a place. A place for everything.


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